Friday, July 31, 2009

Small Consolation.

For one rainy day. Some cool sky out there just now. In case you missed...

Hope you caught the rainbow too. Saw it, but wasn't quick enough with the camera.

Is it really August already? Wow. I only know that because tonight's the night I have to stay in the shop after everyone goes home, the lights go out, and all the ice cream is tucked into bed.

And what will I be doing you wonder?

Why, updating all my prices in the cash register and on the boards to work with the new meals tax rate of 6.25% of course. Don't worry, I'm planning to try to keep my prices pretty much the same with nice round numbers to keep the changemaking as simple as possible.

Guess it beats mopping at 11pm...then again, I haven't tried to program a tax rate into the cash register since the day I bought it. May need some liquid encouragement for this one...

In any event, I hope you're making the best of this fickle summer weather and you've been saving room for ice cream. And staying away from those pesky PED's.

I'll end this pretty uneventful post with a quote of today's quote on the board. It comes from one of the sites I frequent (I've talked about it here before, but I'm too ice cream weary to dig up the link to that post. Here's the site anyway - Truthteller

Smile, the purpose of life is to do some good, have fun and learn something.

Peace out.

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