Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guest Blogger - Brian Hendery.

The camera will be my tool, the pictures my inspiration. Things needn’t be great or spellbinding – but we all need something to make sure our lives don’t blend into a regular cycle of monotonous routine. Something small, or simple, symbolic or otherwise: whatever can change the regular into the mysterious, the customary into the magical.

Of course, the original form of this is simply keeping an open mind and exploring. Capturing the moment just advances the thought to those who have the misfortune of not going with you.

The themes are only as limited as where you can go. Elope from the crowds and find somewhere where you can be with the environment around you: wherever that may be. Take road trips. Go where the wind blows. Follow your dreams – be spontaneous. Am I the only one who has dreamt of being a nomad? I believe not.

- Brian Hendery

Now for the crazy part. Brian is 14 years old.

A friend shared this with me, as she says my little coffee table book on the counter, Hand-me-downs - Slightly used Tips on Life for my Little Brother, provided a bit of inspiration for Brian's piece. I was humbled when I found out I had played that role, and when I read it, I was blown away. Remember that name...

Thanks Shannon for sharing, and thanks Brian for the amazing writing, well done. Next milkshake's on me.

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