Thursday, September 30, 2010

Easthampton's first annual Studio Tour Day

Organized and hatched by the same folks that brought you last year's hugely successful BearFest, Easthampton City Arts now brings you the first annual Studio Tour Day. Scheduled to coincide with American Craft Week, the event will run this Saturday from 10 - 5. Check out the huge lineup of local artists and busineses that will be participating... Studio Tour Day Lineup. It's shaping up to be a can't miss event, and I hope you can check it out. You can pick up a complete map of participating artists, studios, and shops right here today at Mt. Tom's, no need to wait until Saturday.

This from the ECA website -

On Saturday, October 2, 2010, Easthampton City Arts hosts the first annual Easthampton Studio Tour Day, in celebration of the national event, American Craft Week. Visual artists, crafts people, performers and musicians around the city will be opening their doors and spilling out on to the streets with demonstratons, performances and studio sales.

Here at Mt. Tom's, we'll have a mini-sidwalk sale with a wide array of photo cards and prints from the local area, Mt. Tom's tie-dye T's at their lowest price of the year, and a few other surprises. And if you haven't seen it yet, stop in to check out Trace Meek's awesome photo show on the walls.

Should be a busy and fun day in Easthampton. Hope to see you then.

By the way, I realize it's been awful quiet around here these past few months. I've missed writing, but as things often go in the 'peak season', it's tough to sneak in much else besides ice cream making and keeping up with all the other demands of running the biz during the summer. I look forward to getting back to my ICD rantings, and although I'm right now trying to figure out where exactly the blog fits in the grand scheme of things, given the trend toward Facebook updates, Twitter, and the like. I do still enjoy writing, photography, and I fully appreciate being able to capture the mood of running a small biz, if for nothing else but my own posterity, so I expect the ICD will not become a victim of internet evolution just yet.

Thanks for listening. Nice to see you again. Hope you had your best summer yet.