Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some Nice Additions to the (relatively) New City.

Wandered by the first 'concerts on the common' ever held at the new 'shell' over by the old skateboard park behind Eastworks this past Friday. The big band sounds weren't quite my kind of music, but I just had to check out the new venue for the summer friday concerts. The crowd seemed a bit thinner, but that was probably because the lawn is so much bigger here. It really is a beautiful spot. You can see Lower Mill Pond and a slice of the Mt. Tom range in the background, and better yet, no road noise, car exhaust, or risking life and limb to traverse the traffic to get there.

And I must admit, the sound was pretty impressive. The hatch shell thing doesn't look fancy or high tech, but the acoustics were darn good. As I listened to the big band sounds, it made me wonder how sweet it would be to watch one of the many great local indie bands play here some night. We can only hope.

Moving down the rail trail a piece, there's another nice addition to the local landscape. It's in the form of a cool little park at the corner of the Manhan Rail Trail and Union Street, next to the Movie Gallery. Hadn't heard much about this, but the construction fences are now down, and it's open for strollers, and people with strollers. From what I understand, the fancy benches were commissioned by local artists. Not sure where the money came to build this park and its arty accessories, but it's beautiful nonetheless. Hopefully, the skateboard gangs that hang out around that spot won't figure out that the lawn furniture as art also make for great skateboard obstacles...

(you can click on the images for a closer look.)

Whether you were grilling in your backyard, riding around on your motorbike, weeding, or just relaxing on your hammock, I hope you got to get out and enjoy this fine weekend. Dare I say, the nicest day of the summer to date. Which isn't a huge feat I suppose, given the cool, cloudiness that's been most common here since early May.

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Anonymous said...

We can thank the Williston folks for the new litte Park/garden