Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Abba Zaba Do.

Chewy taffy-peanut butter center. According to Winkipedia, they're 'Found almost exclusively in California.' Not any more. Someone asked for them, turns out my supplier carries them. Before you can say, 'next Tuesday delivery', they're on the shelf. To be honest, I'd never heard of this one. My candy distributor order person called it one of those 'nostalgia items'. I'm all about the nostalgia items. One of my favorite reactions in the shop is when someone says, 'I used to love these as a kid!' Those are the kind of candy items I seek out to stock.

I remember the first new candy I brought in after I took over what was once 'Sunrise Sweeties', formally 'Sweet Expectations' in Northampton for all you local candy trivia buffs. It was satellite wafers. Remember these?

Another recent add was Chick-o-sticks. Crunchy peanut butter wrapped in toasted coconut. I must admit, the name is much less tempting then the description.

Then there's the holiday special candy. How about some Gummy Skeletons?

Or my nephew Wil's favorite, the gummy horror bag....scary...

These bad boys go fast. Don't worry, Will, I saved one for you.

So it's 93 degrees and humid today, and the shop is bustling. Can't complain about that for late September in New England! I could ramble on about candy for pages, but must go back to help scoop. If this didn't wet your sweet tooth enough, try this.

If you have any candy suggestions, nostalgic, scary, or otherwise, no need to wait for the suggestion jar here in the shop. Just drop me a line... jim@mttoms.com

Stay cool.

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Liz P said...

Hey! I saw those chick-o-sticks on my first visit to your shop a couple of weeks ago, and I must admit they had me wondering how one would make candy out of chicken!

Unique candy flavors aside, I have declared your shop my favorite place in my son's new neighborhood in Easthampton!