Monday, October 01, 2007

The E stands for Eat!

I got a chance to check out the Eastern States Exposition (better known as 'The Big E') last week. I've been here four years and never made time to go. I don't remember going when I was at Umass a few...years back either. I'm sure anyone who lives west of Springfield has been at least once. Figures in today's Gazette say over 1.2 million people passed through the gates during the 17 day run of this year's fair. All I know is I was there on a Monday morning and it was packed. I don't think I'd even like it on a crazy Saturday. In any event, there's lots of cool stuff to do. You can eat...

Homemade apple pie with a big hunk of cheddar cheese from the little old ladies slaving away in the Vermont building. Mmmm.

Or you can ride the rides in the midway...

And after a few rides on the scrambler or the giant ferris wheel, it's time for another bite. I highly recommend the baked potato from the Maine statehouse building. It's one tasty spud, jammed packed with butter, bacon, chives, and sour cream. Mmm.

Now that you've got your strength back with some carbo loading, it's time to see some livestock! It's off to the 4H buildings. Cows, chicks, sheep, whatever turns you on. Er, you know what I mean.

One of my favorite overheard lines that day was 'there's nothing cuter than a baby pig.' Can't argue with that. Well, I guess you could, but...
Speaking of tasty fried foods, a trip to the Big E wouldn't be complete without a savory plate of cheese curds. They're basically just fried soft cheese. I must admit they were pretty yummy, although I'm fairly certain I shaved about a year off my life by consuming five of them.

Like any good country fair, there's lots to see. Great people watching. Trinkets to win along the midway. Velvet Elvis's and the latest 'As seen on TV' miracle product to clean grease off your shoelaces and every booth in between in the 'Better Living' building.
And lest I forget to mention, they had a milk truck made completely out of butter. What more could you ask for?
Ok, well, maybe just one more cheese curd...

The Big E is good fun. Thanks to Bre for bringing me along, and for the photos of me stuffing my face with fried fair faire. Now at least I don't have to respond to the question, 'Have you ever been to the Big E?', by saying 'Not since I marched in a parade there when I was in the high school band.'

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

All I want to know is where do the vendors get those fancy pants carts? I want one!

Sweet ride.

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