Thursday, October 25, 2007

Big Papi-mint.

I've generally shied away from naming flavors with punny or goofy names, like Cherry Garciaparra and such, for a couple of reasons. Number one, if you name it after a local celebrity, they could be traded like Nomah, or just be unrecognizable to a customer who may like peanut butter in their ice cream but has no idea who Teddi Bruschi(-nut Butter) is. Secondly, I don't want someone to pass by a flavor because they're afraid to say 'Pretty in Pink Mint' or 'Almond-califragilistic!' It's just not right.

Finally and probably most importantly, the less a flavor name sounds like what's in it, the more you'll need to explain to customers what actually is in that batch of 'Nonotuck 'n Nuts'. I already know all about that with my Deer Trax flavor. The one positive of that flavor, however, when someone asks 'what's in the Deer trax', they've inevitably identified themselves as a first-time visitor to Mt. Tom's, which is good information. If there's time, I can chat them up, ask how they found the place, and if they live around the corner, why it took them so long to finally come in for a cone. But I digress.

I've mentioned in the past that names definitely can affect the sales of a particular flavor, so it's important to give it at least a little thought before reaching for the chalk. Case in point, Devil's Food Cake sales skyrocketed when I renamed it Chocolate Cake Batter.

Having said all that, sometimes, like today, I just can't help myself.

So I give you, Big Papi-mint Paddy. Mint base with pieces of real peppermint and wintergreen paddies from the gourmet chocolate cabinet. With a rich, dark fudge swirl thrown in for good measure. If this batch (and the Sox in the series) go well, perhaps I'll come up with another. Hmmm. Papelbon Pecan? Beckett Raspberry? Anyone?

Go Sox!

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