Monday, September 24, 2007

Fudge Ripple.

One of the classics. This batch is fresh out of the batch freezer today. I don't make it that often. My diehard Fudge Ripple customers would argue I don't make it nearly enough. It sells and quick. It's simply vanilla with a fudge swirl. Customers complain how hard it is to find. I guess sometimes simple is what people want. We've become surrounded by complicated things - 8 gig I-phones and PDA's, TIVO's to record eighteen shows at once, hybrid cars that run on either gas or electicity depending on their mood and the weather.

Perhaps people just crave something simple once in a while. And so I give you, fudge ripple. No smoosh-ins or broken up peanut butter cups. No salted, roasted nuts. No sugar gem squares. Just vanilla and a ripple of rich, dark chocolate. Mmmm.

Life is short.
Eat ice cream.


Ice Cream Man Dan said...

Hey, there's a reason why Vanilla is the number one selling flavor in America...

April said...

Vanilla and chocolate are perfect foils for each other.