Sunday, September 09, 2007

Silver Swimmers rock.

Talk about your crazy customers. During last night's ArtWalk Easthampton, the Silver Swimmers wandered into the shop for an impromptu performance. Part mimers, part Blue Moon group (on mute and in silver not blue), but mostly just cool street performers, the SS swam around the shop for about fifteen minutes, entertaining a full house of ice cream eatin', intrigued, and some just perplexed patrons.

Taryn and Abby, the Saturday night crew, were a bit intimidated at first by the silver four, but seemed to relax once they realized slow-motion mute mimes are actually quite harmless.

The Swimmers were part of this month's ArtWalk Easthampton festivities. They spent the Walk swimming and performing odd and interesting dances on the sidewalks and in ArtWalk shops. I must admit, they were pretty cool.
A bit of silver paint cleanup this morning was a small price to pay for a taste of big city street performance art in the New City. If you ever get a chance to check them out, I highly recommend it. Just be careful if you let them climb on you. There's a pretty good chance you will end up with your own silver coating...

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