Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tye-Dyes & Cream

One of my crew made the great suggestion a few weeks ago that we get tye-dye t-shirts. I inquired with my t-shirt guy, and voila! tye-dye tees. We actually did it one better this week. The last order of Mt. Tom tee's got messed up (they forgot to fill the logo with blue) so they gave me a steal of a deal to save them from their dumpster. Since those are basically giveaways now, I thought, why not give tye-dying a try ourselves. If the kids on Zoom can do it, I'm sure my ace team and I would have no problem. It was actually pretty fun. Felt like arts and crafts at camp. The first batch of homemade ones came out surprisingly good. Every one is different. I just gotta run out and get more dye and rubber bands so we can complete the extreme makeovers on the rest of the bad batch. The moral of the story... Unexpected and cool new things are often the outcome of mistakes mixed with a little creativity and a 'let's just give it a try'...

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