Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The A-team

Katie & Lauren. If you've been to Mt. Tom's, I'm sure these are familiar faces. They rock. Once again, they've made my summer a lot easier and definitely more successful with good old fashioned hard work, street smarts, and great personalities. As we creep closer to Labor Day and their return to Bryant College, I get closer to working that much harder once again. The new crew has been hired and is, shift by shift and scoop by scoop, steadily climbing up the learning curve. Ben, Abby, and Kate. And Taryn is not yet off to college so she'll be around this Fall. Early indications are I picked some winners, which will soften the blow of K & L heading off, but they've got some big shoes to fill. With any luck, K&L will be back for one more Summer of scoopin'. Here's hopin'. In the meantime, welcome aboard to Ben, Abby, and Kate. More on B, A, & K to follow...

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