Sunday, August 26, 2007

This week's Suggestions

My weekly perusal through the collection of suggestions in the shop suggestion candy jar is usually a combination of ego management and comic relief. As I've mentioned in the Diaries, this 'tip jar' has become a pretty good source for new flavor ideas. The ideas are not always, shall we say, good, (e.g broccoli, wheatgrass, Flintstones Vitamin chip), but occassionally a cool idea finds its way into the jar (e.g. Maple Cookie Dough, Heavenly Hash). Most of the comments are very positive and make me feel like I'm pretty good at this ice cream gig, which is way cool.

Sometimes, though, someone will let me know I can do just a little better (at least in their eyes and palate...listen to me getting defensive already). If nothing else, it's made me realize that everyone is different, and with a bustling shop every day, I must be doing something right. The challenge with any constructive criticism is to actually listen to it, process it from a somewhat detached position without getting too defensive, and then deciding whether the thought has merit or is just a case of 'one man's peppermint stick is another man's poison'. It's all good, getting feedback from customers, friends, enemies is what makes us better.

In any event, let's see what's in the jar this month...

'Serve booze.'

'Taryn should work more. She's really nice.' (It looks like her sister's writing...)

'Bloue Bare' (Mom told me to read it phonetically)

Nutella, Grapenut, Rum Raisin, Rum Raisin, Cannoli'

'Mohito Sorbet'

V-bet chocolate syrup (Israeli?)

'Bring back Root Beer Rudy'

'Fried Ice Cream' (Want a PuPu platter to go with that?)

'Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough' (there's that cookie dough theme again)

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Dave L said...

The "Mohito Sorbet" suggestion is actually a pretty good one. I'd buy it to try it!