Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Strawberry Gourd Ice Cream?

This week, I came up with an ice cream flavor based in Strawberry with strawberry fudge pieces and a marshmallow swirl. My crew and I brainstormed for an hour about what to call it. Strawberry Delight. Strawberries & Cream. We tried to work the Moose Tracks angle, but got hung up on what animal you'd associate with a strawberry. Rabbit Tracks? No. Then we thought about the color, pink. Pig Tracks. Somehow we ended that line of naming at Pig Poop. I must admit, that's kindof catchy, but I just wasn't convinced it sounded very appetizing. After much deliberation and a nearly complete creative breakdown, we decided on Strawberry Fluff. I'm told such a product actually exists, although I haven't tried it, and I really don't want to. In any event, it's now on the Special Flavors board. Intrigued? If not, I've still got some Guinness left...

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