Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wanted: Artists

Every second Saturday of the month here in Easthampton is ArtWalkEasthampton. Organized a couple years ago by Michael Crawford and Thomas Hanus, it's a great way for local artists to show their work. It also makes for a fun and interesting night 'on the E-town'. Each month, participating local businesses and organizations each choose an artist to display art on the walls of their business. During the warm months, ArtWalk nights include cool street performers like the Silver Swimmers... The hours are 5-8pm, and the next one is March 8th. Aside from June, I'm still looking for artists to fill my walls during this year's walks. My walls have room for around a dozen pieces. Each show usually hangs until just before the next one, so in addition to ArtWalk night, your art will be viewed by anyone who comes to Mt. Tom's during that entire month. You're welcome to put prices on work, and I'm happy to help connect you with anyone looking to purchase a piece.

If you're interested in showing your art here at Mt. Tom's, just drop me a line or stop in.

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