Saturday, February 02, 2008

Six More Weeks of Winter.

Well, it seems Uncle Phil saw his shadow this morning down at Gobbler's Knob. We all know what that means. If you believe in Phil's cred as a forecaster of the weather, that is.

All I know is we got a deluge of rain into the night yesterday, and yet the dirty snowbanks and icy back parking lot survive. After a big rain in the winter, we here in northern climates are left saying, 'Imagine if this was snow, we'd be buried!' Alas, no four feet of snow for us this time.

In any event, as generally a glass is half full kind of guy, I wish you 'only' six more weeks of winter. Make yourself a chai tea or a hot spiced and spiked cider, unfold that old Patriots tailgating blanket, and pop in a good movie from your favorite local video store. And don't forget the pint of cookie dough and bag of gummy bears.

Speaking of sweets, only twelve more shopping days until Valentine's Day...

GO PATS! Enjoy the game and the festivities. I'm sure you're as tired of the two weeks of tabloid-like hype as I am. It's finally go time. It seems like this 'quest for perfection' season has lasted about eight years. Looking forward to it going into the record books, hopefully as 19-0. We'll all know the answer soon...

Just think, pitchers and catchers report for spring training in twelve days!

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