Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Bowl Highlight.

Certainly not the game, or outcome, anyone here in New England had anticipated or expected. Aside from a few good plays and one or two commercials, it was the stuff of nightmares and a flashback to the hard luck days of being a diehard Boston sports fan. All due credit goes to to the G-men for a game well prepared for and a battle fought with passion. The team that deserved to win that day is the one getting a victory parade in their hometown today. I think we all knew the day wasn't going to go as scripted when we saw Billy B come out in a red hoodie and not the usual gray. Where was Nomah to remind him of superstition and to not tempt fate by daring change on such an important and potentially sports history-making evening?!

Even the halftime show was dull.

For me, there was just one highlight. At the superbowl party where I watched the fiasco in Phoenix, I discovered quite possibly the best chips n' salsa chip ever. Giant, fresh, crispy, salty slices of heaven. After devouring half the bowl as dinner, I asked our gracious host Kris where I could get me some. To which she replied, 'On the Border' in West Springfield. Seven bucks for what her daughter Taylor called 'a trash bag full'. Needless to say, yesterday I drowned my sorrows in a giant frozen margarita with salt, the three enchalada plate, and a trash bag of chip greatness to go.

The only other consolation prize for us is we don't have to endure all that Pats bashing, Spygate, will-they-or-won't-they go undefeated chatter anymore.

At least until next year.

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DB said...

it is posts like this that make me really miss you...