Thursday, February 28, 2008

February, be gone already.

I feel like all I ever blog about these days is the weather. It appears today will be no exception. Hard not to given it's 18 degrees outside with a zero windchill and record cold (to -4F) planned for tonight. Oh, and need I mention, 4 - 8 inches in the forecast for tomorrow. This latest round of precip should bring us close to the record for February (somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 inches I think). If that had been all snow, we'd be buried up to my Mt. Tom sign out front. Holy cow (paper towel dispenser).

Alas, nothing to do about it but complain and throw another log on the fire. Easter is early this year, so who knows, maybe so too will be Spring.

And with that, perhaps some more interesting topics for this blog...

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