Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall is in the air.

Sure enough, with highs now in the low 70's and brisk nights that find us closing windows after the sun goes down, comes the first infantry of Fall. A few turning trees in that low spot at the top of the mountain on route 141. Having to move the timer for the outside floodlights up to match the earlier arrival of darkness each day. Long pants.

Some may find the waning of summer as a depressing forboding of the ice and snow and hibernation that are slowly approaching from the north once again. Others greet these climatic changes as the perky grinning maitre d' welcoming them again to their favorite restaurant, one full of fine crisp air, spectacular colors, fresh apple cider, and deep blue skies.

Whichever way you lean, shorter and colder days cannot be stopped. Whether you welcome Mom Nature into your home as your favorite grandparent who always brings you a big bag of candy and rewards you with a pocket full of change for eating it all, or you try to slam the door in her face like she's selling magazine subscriptions, she's coming in anyway. Best start now that search for your giant box of sweatshirts and winter gear that's buried deep in the far recesses of your attic. Because you know one of these mornings you're going to wake up and see frost on the pumpkin, be running late, and will curse being made even later as you hunt through boxes of books, old trophies, and instruction booklets for electronic equipment you don't even own anymore as you desperately try to find a pair of gloves to wear to scrape your windshield.

Or, dare I say, shovel your driveway.

I'm here to help you feel just a little bit better about these impending changes on your thermometer. It won't miraculously incite the return of tropical August temps or encourage you to reopen your pool, but it will hopefully distract you from summer's exit, if but for a few minutes. I considered offering up candy corn, gummy skeleton kits, Jack-o'lantern pops, and monster boogers as sweet ways to help charm Fall's return to your life, but I've gotta 'dance with the girl that brung me'. So if you're feeling blue about saying goodbye to summer, and are dreading the short, cold days and long, colder nights that are comin', I've got just one small token of solice to offer, and here it is...

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream.

It's on, and you know where you like to get it...

And I promise you won't have to wade through nearly as many metaphors to get some as you did here.

Also up, as threatened earlier, Salsa ice cream. Actually, it turned out to be quite a bit spicier and with an unexpected hint of lime. So in the interest of full disclosure and better marketing, I give you 'Jalapeno Lime' ice cream. Plenty spicey. Takes a few seconds to hit, but don't worry, it will...

Next up, Apple Pie ice cream. Then it'll really feel like Fall around here.

See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love fall! Especially for the pumpkin pie ice cream. Definitely see you soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm on my way.