Thursday, September 03, 2009

Changing of the Guard.

If you've been in for a cone this week, you may have noticed a few new faces behind the bar. Yes, it's that dreaded time of year for me when I have to say 'good luck in college' to my ace scoopers, and bring in new recruits to replace them. Kate, Lauren, & Taryn are all off to college. Just wanted to welcome & introduce the new scoop crew.


And Rani (pronounced Ronnie).

I actually didn't have a photo of her yet. Soon, I promise. Unless of course, she turns out to be in a witness protection program, which she forgot to mention during the hiring process.

September is always the most challenging month of the year for me as I have to resume scoop duties, train the new staff, and try to make ice cream during the quiet spots, which with weather like this, isn't too often (hard to complain about that though). But it's Thursday, and I'm still standing, the flavors are all stocked, and the new crew is coming along just fine, so all is still well in Scooptown.

Providing a nice little break from the insanity was fourth grade wiz kid, Jackson. He stopped by yesterday to interview me for a little newspaper he's publishing.

In impressive hardhitting reporter style, Jackson peppered me with questions ranging from 'How did you get into ice cream?' to 'What's your favorite flavor?' I thought I was doing pretty well until he asked me, 'What's the specific gravity of cookie dough?', to which he quickly followed up with, 'Please describe the cohesive properties of guar gum.' Seemingly disappointed with what he must have considered elementary responses, he returned to questions like, 'What's your most popular flavor?' and 'Have you ever gotten beaten up for wearing that apron?'

A few more questions and some friendly banter about his current read, Landry News by Andrew Clements, and we moved it to the bar, where Jackson unwound with a frothy chocolate shake, and I returned to my normal early September ice cream chaos.

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