Friday, April 17, 2009

Thanks for your vote.

The Valley Advocate just announced the winners of their 2009 'Best Of the Valley' readers' choices of favorites for all good things, Springfield and west. If you're anywhere within the 413 area code, I'm sure you've seen the Valley Advocate and are well familiar with their 'Best of' lists. You may not always agree with their politics, but there's no denying theirs is the list every local biz aspires to be on.

I know when I started Mt. Tom's more than 5 years ago, making the Advocate's Best of list was one of my goals, right from day one.

Well, I'm happy to report, with your support, Mt. Tom's has made the list again. Third place under the Edibles & Eateries - Ice Cream. That other place in Northampton has a twenty-five year head start, and dare I say, a bit of an edge in walking traffic, tough to beat at this point. But who knows, if Easthampton is destined to become the new Northampton, anything can happen. All I can do is stay focused, make the best ice cream I can, hire the best and friendliest and coolest scoopers, and let the chocolate chips fall where they may.

In the meantime, making the list is still pretty sweet.

Thanks again.


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Well done Jim & Team !