Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ice Cream beats the Dow.

A common question I get in the shop these days is 'how is this economy affecting your business?' Makes sense, since we get bombarded every 3 seconds by every form of media telling us how dire things are, who isn't still a bit nervous about things. Our collective moods may swing with the daily performance of the stock market, but generally caution and financial anxiety continue to prevail. So to answer that first question from the ice cream peddling front, I offer up this from the current on-line Newsweek. Standing tough at position number one in their list of 'recession-resistant businesses', you guessed it, ice cream. Nice.

Nail salons coming in at number two was a little surprising though. Alcohol sales, not so surprising.

So far so good here in scoopland, thanks to y'all. This time of year is more about the weather. Some great weather weekends in March made for a banner month. This week, well not quite as brisk. Bring back the 60's!

In any event, hope to see you soon. You still need to come in and sample that Basil ice cream, don't you? Also have fresh batches of strawberry cheesecake, sweet cream, mexican chocolate, and burnt sugar today (to name just a few...).

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