Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Retail 101.

Before the summer kicks in this weekend (80's expected here for you long distance ICD readers), I thought today, a 48 degree rainy one, would be a good day to talk candy shop. Granted, running the candy store part of the biz isn't what might be considered rocket science, it does require its own care and feeding. Like any retail business I suppose, two simple rules hold:

1. Keep the shelves stocked.
2. Keep the shelves stocked with stuff people actually want.

Or in my case, keep the jars stocked with stuff people want.

So aside from usual 'supply chain management' stuff (coincidentally, this was what I did in my first career, albeit I was managing optical network components and not giant gummy snakes), I'm always on the lookout for which jars are 'moving' and which ones are not. Case in point above, the gummy techno bears, were definitely not.

So they have been replaced by...

Salt water taffy. Just in time for this weekend's arrival of summer.

And with the come and gone of Easter, that freed up some spots for a few new SKU's, (If I actually used the term 'stock keeping unit'. I much prefer 'candy jar'.) Let me introduce a few of the new candies on the block...

Jelly Belly Soda Pop Shoppe mix. Cream soda, Dr. Pepper, Grape, Orange... They actually have an Ice Cream Parlor mix too, but unfortunately it's associated with some 'other' ice cream shop. Lame.

Moving right along...

Gummy Fried Eggs.

Because I can.

Sixlets. By the scoopful. (Hat Tip: Kris P.) Which reminds me, suggestions are more than welcome. If I can get it, I'll bring it in for you. It's still gotta earn its rightful place on the shelf to stay, but I'm always up for trying a new candy variety.

Tried to get this one, but apparently it's only available in Wisconsin. The cool part of this story is the customer who requested it actually went to Wisconsin and brought some home. Even better, they brought one in for me. Thanks to that guy, didn't catch his name...

And on another nutty note, we now have buttercrunch... (FYI: I made a batch of buttercrunch ice cream with it today too.)

And the return of Kookaburra black licorice. If you're into black licorice, this is the stuff...

So that's about it from candyland. Hope this entry left you hankerin' for somethin' sweet.

We're open until 9.

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Marla Chite said...

Sweden cannot get enough of the Gummy Fried Eggs over here. We eat them weekly!

Try one or rather 'crack one' today Americans, they are yummy!!