Thursday, April 02, 2009

Basil Ice Cream.

Been curious to try this one since the end of last season, but I figured I'd never go thru a whole tub of it at the off-season pace. So as the fine weather returns and the demand for ice cream cranks right up again, so does my opportunity to try new and interesting flavors. Definitely one of the best parts of being an ice cream guy. I've got a big list of new and rarely made flavors ready to go for the new season. One of the first ones up, you guessed it, basil ice cream. I know that basil is great on top of a slice of tomato and some mozzarella cheese, but in ice cream, I wasn't quite so sure. A couple of customers have been asking for it for a while now, having enjoyed it as a dessert at one of their favorite Boston restaurants.

So now on scoop, basil ice cream. Give it a try. I dare you. It's definitely different, but it does seem to work for the die-hard basil lovers.

If you're looking for something a bit more mainstream, I made up some malted vanilla and malted milk ball vanilla today too. Let the games begin.

Speaking of games, hope to see you at the Riverside charity auction tomorrow night (friday). I'll be scoopin' up some interesting flavors there too...

And on a completely different topic, if you're into marshmallow peeps, check out this guys blog... PEEPS. He emailed me about it, since one of the many, many peeps links is to my blog entry about the chocolate-dipped ones. I hope you and your peeps enjoy it.

Hope you got out on this fine day. See you soon.

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