Thursday, March 05, 2009

'tis the season.

For a savory batch of Girl Scout Thin Mint ice cream. Actually, it's the second batch since the G-scouts set me up with my annual handful of cookie boxes. It's a hearty mix of Thin Mint cookie pieces, with a dark fudge swirl, in a plenty minty base. This one sells fast, even in the 'off-season', so come on by soon!

And in the spirit of the upcoming St. Paddy's day, I just cooked up a fresh batch of Guinness Ice Cream. Customers often make a face of disbelief when they see this one on the menu board, but I gotta say, it's actually really good. It's definitely got a Guiness Stout edge to it, but the sweetness of the ice cream and a little vanilla stave off the bitterness. I could try to describe it to you all day, but the only way for you to know is to come down and have a sample. Come on, I dare ya...

But wait, there's more.

I've got another new St. Paddy's Day-like flavor I'm planning to concoct next week.

Ready for this one?

Irish Coffee.

Coffee ice cream with a little Jameson's whiskey thrown in to make it a party.

What more could you ask for from your local ice cream shop?

Enjoy the warmup, and see you soon.

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ValleyWriter said...

I had a taste of the Guinness ice cream on Sunday - it had a definite Guinness bite to it at the end. I love all of your creative flavors - thanks for keeping it interesting!