Sunday, March 08, 2009

If you like the weather, wait a minute.

It seems hard to believe after such an amazing weekend, but it appears that although winter may be sipping her last drink, she's not quite ready to leave the party...

The chairs were out on the front sidewalk. The shop was bustling all weekend. The ice fisherman on the pond were wearing t-shirts and didn't need campfires to make it through their morning of ice angling (although it appears that little leather flask under the jacket has other uses besides warmth). Best of all, the townsfolk emerged from their prolonged winter hibernation and were wandering around town once again. Dogs got to enjoy their old favorite fire hydrants after many months of those same old trees in the backyard. Strangers smiled at each other as they passed by. It was one of those prized early spring weekends that makes all those days and months of cold, snowy winter suffering worth it.

Well, maybe not worth it, but I'm certain the balmy weekend was much appreciated nontheless.

I hope you got out, got some natural vitamin D into your winter-weary system, and maybe even started that yard cleanup.

I'm guessing with tomorrow's forecast as it is, you might not even mind going to work this Monday.

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