Thursday, January 15, 2009

My winter break: Part I.

Since it's too darn cold out there today to be anywhere outside you don't have to be, I've conceded to the couch for the day. I'm sure it's beautiful out there on the cross-country trails thru the woods of Nonotuck, but with minus whatever windchills, no thanks.

Especially after a week in shorts and a tee.

So with last week's airport read just completed and nothing much for movies on cable, I thought I'd post up a few photos of my trip south to see the family. I'm still, for the most part, keeping my mind clear of ice cream thoughts, and aside from a few short 'shop talks' with Dad, my ice cream mentor, and a brief spy mission at the Cold Stone next to the movie theater as we waited to see Slumdog Millionaire (a great flick by the way), I've been quite successful at putting the brain on vacation too.

In any event, I hope you're staying warm and still enjoying the last bits of pints from last week's firesale. Here's a mini-photo essay from my visit to the sunshine state. Hope if it's not too dull, at least it'll make you yearn for Spring a little bit more than you already do.

Decompressing by the pool.

The obligatory bury the the nephews in a hole at the beach.

Catching mullet for the pelicans
(meant for bait, seems there's no arguing with a hungry pelican)

Marky, Dagney, & Willie: 2 nephews & a niece.


Willie enjoys his new present from Uncle Jim.
A rocket (to no one's surprise, destined for the roof)

The Folks, Dave -ice cream genius & Jen - cake maker legend.
(Dad, wearing his Christmas present...just kidding)

What's a Florida house without an orange tree in the backyard.

And what's a trip to FL without a drop-in on Mickey & the gang.

Epcot fireworks, way cool.

Not a bad gig if you can get it.

Speaking of good gigs, my retired aunt scoops ice cream here.
And I thought I had a good location!

I started my day at Disney with the thought of doing a photo essay
'from a kid's view'. This was as far as I got with it though.

Ending where I started. Dagney inspects dinner.

Well, that's it for now. Looks like the sun is out, and the mercury's climbed all the way up to 15, so perhaps I'll venture out...

Stay warm, and I'll see you soon!

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ValleyWriter said...

Great photos. I'm glad you're enjoying your vaca - seems like you picked a great couple of weeks to take off. I bet not too many people (other than me) would want ice cream when it's -15!!! Enjoy the rest of your break.