Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Storms into the Room.

It may not officially be here for a few more hours, but old man winter is definitely in the building. With another storm waiting in the wings, it seems winter means business this year. It wasn't great for biz, but it certainly was beautiful out there today though. A heavy snow last night, followed by a light snow all day today, Easthampton took on a ski village feel, twinkling trees and all. If that holiday spirit hasn't found you yet, I'd be surprised if the fresh blanket of white didn't do the trick.

And if you need one more kick to kick your holiday spirits into high gear (I should have been an ad man), how about a delicious dish of Festivus ice cream?...

Brown sugar and cinnamon with gingerbread pieces and a caramel swirl. Sounds a bit odd, but it's really good. We ran out this week, and I got phone calls asking when it would be back. So, I'm happy to report, it's back.

And in case you're in the dark on the whole Festivus thing, here's a primer, straight from the source...

Ben & Jerry's made it for a while, then retired it to their flavor graveyard. But fear not, it's alive and well here at your favorite local scoop shop.

Speaking of stocking stuffers, reindeer food anyone?

I realize the weather has made holiday shopping a bit of a challenge this week, so Mt. Tom's will be extending our hours a bit this week...

Holiday Week Schedule:

Monday: 1-6pm
Tuesday: 10-9pm
Wednesday: 10-6pm
Thursday: (Christmas) Closed
Friday - 3-9pm

See you soon, and if not, I hope you and yours have a wicked good holiday.

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