Sunday, December 28, 2008

4 Seasons in one Week.

Seems like only yesterday we were buried in snow, suffering with windchill factors below zero, and building snow lanterns while towns all around us frantically tried to restore power after being ravaged by one of the worst ice storms they'd ever seen.

Three days of rain, Christmas, and a balmy breeze from the south, today it's pushing 60, my outdoor chairs are on the sidewalk, and people are actually sitting in them and eating ice cream by the cone...

Gotta love New England. My brother in southern California never checks the weather because it's always sunny and 70. I'm tempted to stop checking the weather because five minutes after you check it, it's all different.

In any event, I hope you had a happy and relaxing holiday, Santa was good to you, and you're still enjoying an extended holiday break.

Speaking of breaks, we've got one coming up. Mt. Tom's will be closing up shop from Monday, January 5th thru Monday, January 26th, reopening Tuesday, January 27th. A much needed chance to chill, recharge the batteries, and reflect on another great year of making ice cream for y'all.

In the meantime, here are the hours between now and then...

Monday (Dec. 29th) 1-6pm

Tuesday 12-8pm (regular hrs)

Wednesday 12-6pm (New Years Eve)

Thursday - Closed (New Years Day)

Friday-Sunday Regular hrs (12-9pm)

Come on down for a stock-up, to break in that new Mt. Tom's Giftcard, or to just enjoy a tasty sundae during this nice little early winter thaw.

Thanks for making 2008 another tremendous year. I must say I'm looking forward to a break, but it's very much a good tired. The pleasure continues to be mine.

Happy New Year!


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