Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween is for Treats.

Since it met its untimely demise a few days short of the rag shag and Halloween, a virtual view of this year's Mt. Tom's-o'lantern will have to do. Thanks once again to Briana for the fine carving expertise, way cool.

As promised in yesterday's reminder post about the Rag Shag parade, here's a shot from the fun event. Although it didn't fall on a Monday this year, and the shop was open which meant I had ground support for candy tossing, Taryn and I still had our hands full (of candy) once the mass of costumed kiddos descended upon our neck of Cottage Street. As you can clearly see by the bluriness, it's pretty tough to throw fifteen pounds of candy in about eight minutes while simultaneously taking photos. After a few quick snaps, it was pretty clear it would be one or the other, and in the better interests of the screaming masses, candy distribution won out.
Here's one of Aribella, Mimi's baby sis, on her return from the Rag Shag. This one should help your eyes readjust from the last shot.

I hope you enjoyed the parade. And have a safe and spooky Halloween. Some tips that might help.

A parting shot from my Fall collection...

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