Saturday, November 01, 2008

Introducing our Newest Scooper - Snow White

Unfortunately, due to health and crew morale concerns, I wasn't able to hire her six or seven dwarf buddies. Snow White started yesterday, and despite having to work sans dwarfs, she really hit the ground running. Seems she's a natural born scooper. Not even the brothers Grimm could have predicted that.

In the interest of her safety, she's not allowed to serve anyone who even remotely looks like a queen, and as part of her first day orientation, I made it clear she should stay away from the Apple Pie ice cream, Sour Apple gummy O's, and Apple Jelly Bellies.

She already makes a mean hot fudge sundae, and doesn't seem at all self-absorbed, which is surprising because I overheard someone from school spilling the beans, telling SW she heard she was fairest of them all, even more than last year's homecoming queen. To which Snow White nonchalantly replied, 'would you like that in a waffle cone?'

Snowy's working out so well, I had to let Mimi go. Hated to do it, but biz is biz, and when you have to chance to put a princess out on the front line for $8.25 an hour, you gotta do it man.

Ok, it seems someone's had a few too many leftover candy corns and should go back to making ice cream. Fear not, scooper extraordinaire Mimi will be back in the trenches tomorrow.

Hope you had a merry and safe Halloween.

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