Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mountain Park.

I was doing my usual surfing around today, and I came across, via, a local blog called Mt. Tom Billygoat. Once you get beyond the giant picture of a billygoat, there are a couple interesting posts on subjects related to our watchdog neighbor, Mt. Tom. The entry I read today was about the old Mountain Park. Unfortunately, as we all know, that little amusement park ran into financial hardships long before the invention of the bailout and is now just a colorful chapter in a Jay Dusharme novel . You've probably heard about and perhaps even taken a spin on the Mountain Park merry-go-round that was relocated to downtown Holyoke after a million dollar grass routes fundraising effort a few years back.
But this is the first I've read about some of the other rides and where they might have ended up... Here are some more. Has the feel of a person donating their organs after they pass, with their various parts ending up as someone else's essential parts. A bit of a morbid analogy I suppose, one that I blame on my current read, Stiff, by Mary Roach, but if you can picture a teacup ride and not a kidney, I think it works.

It must have been a cool little amusement park. According the Jay's site, Mountain Park had six fun houses and what looks like a pretty sweet wooden coaster. It even had a casino. Check it it out here too - Lots of Jay's Photos

A couple more shots I lifted from undisclosed sources..

They even had greeters on stilts.

And one other interesting local blog on the topic - Mountain Park blog entry. Some great photos and links here too.

Well, I guess that's enough surfing and jumping for one entry. My apologies to your boss.

Guess we'd both better get back to work...

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TC said... has some pictures of Mt. Park after it closed and everything was torn down. It's a shame that Mt Tom ski area couldn't have stayed open too. My boss (wife) already knows I surf the net too much. Oh well.