Monday, October 06, 2008

Feels like Fall Now for sure.

Just thought I'd share my first foliage foto of the season with you. Perhaps I'll call it, 'Fire Underfoot'. Still a little early for us to be enveloped in the annual explosion of color that makes New England the best place in the world to live this time of year. Fear not for the peak line is slowly creeping its way southward. A few more days and nights like today, and it'll be game on for leaf peeping and photo shooting. Looking forward to it. Hope to have some interesting and colorful images to share over the next few weeks.

In other exciting local news, the back parking lot is getting a facelift...

Seems the past few torrential rainstorms have made it clear the softpack dirt floor of our back lot just wasn't cutting it. According to my landlord, they're not going the whole way and actually putting in an asphalt parking lot, but a 'hardpack' is on the way, which I suppose has to be better than the perpetual mudpit my truck spends most of its time in right now.

Ok, so parking lot excavating isn't the most exciting topic ever, but hey, it is Monday, and it's certainly less draining than most of the rest of today's news. Would you rather talk about the stock market?

Did you ever see the day when you'd rather read about excavating and parking lots than politics and stock tips?

Then again, you probably thought you were going to read about ice cream here anyway.

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