Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More signs of Spring.

The crocuses are out. It's finally 60 degrees. And the Red Sox finally played their home opener and got their 2007 World Series rings. Indeed, all is well again with the world.

The Brass Cat, my favorite local pub, held its annual Red Sox opening day gala. It's always cool to stroll into a roomful of people happily tipping cocktails and cheering on their favorite team. It's especially cool when it's the middle of the day on a Tuesday when you know 95% of the people in the place have either called out sick or have gladly sacrificed one of their precious vacation days to partake in the festivities.

The Cat does it up right. Raffle prizes between innings. Sox stuff for all. Free hot dogs and plenty of high fives to go around. The high fives were especially generous this year since our Sox won the game by five to zip. This year's event was a little tricky to schedule. Usually, it's held for the first game of the season, whether it's home or not, but due to some Major League Baseball marketing madness, the Sox first game was at 6:05 am in Japan. Rumor has it, the Cat brass did inquire with the liquor commission as to a special permit to pour beers at that hour, but their request was graciously declined. Which is probably good because as die-hard as Cat Sox fans are, I'm not sure the room would have been as packed for a breakfast ballgame.

In any event, seemed to me like a great time was had by all. The Sox won. Bill Buckner threw out the first pitch and got a giant cheer from the crowd (seems all is forgiven thanks to fading memories through twenty years and two Red Sox world championship banners since his infamous error). Steven Tyler from Aerosmith sang God Bless America after the seventh inning. Neil Diamond sang Sweet Caroline. Check those out over at my favorite Sox blog Red Sox Monster.

I like to contribute to the Cat's festivities by sending over a bunch of cups of ice cream for the hookeying fans. It's usually my version of a Green Monster flavor. Last's years GM was red peppermint pieces and white chocolate bits (red sox and white baseballs), and I think a swirl of fudge thrown in for good measure. The year before I added Cocoa Krispies to the batch for that new guy (then) Coco Crisp. Well, it seems this year I had a little bit of a creativity block on a Monster recipe. You may think it a cop out, but I instead resorted to a crafty rework of the names of a couple popular flavors. I'm sure you could probably come up with something more creative, but here are mine.

Wait for it.

Wake Batter. Cake Batter and Tim Wakefield, in case you're not a diehard Sox fan and Mt. Tom's go'er.

Big Poppi-mint Stick. If you don't know who Big Poppi is, you must have just returned from two years on a peace mission in Sudan.

I was back at the base making ice cream when the 'hey, ice cream here!' calls went out by my drinking buddies Matthew and Kevin, but I'm told both the Wake Batter and Big Poppi-mint went fast. And as it turned out, drinks were on Mike, the cool owner, for me later that night. Certainly not the reason I sent it over, but much appreciated none the less. Thanks Mike.

And in case you didn't make it this year, I recommend you put it on your sick day schedule now before you forget.

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