Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back on the List!

After a one year hiatus when the Valley Advocate 'Best of' poll combined the Valley and Springfield, Mt. Tom's is back on the 'best of' list. I realize whenever you say you got 'third' the inevitable question you get is 'who came in first, second...' So if you must know and can probably guess #1, check it out... Best of Ice Cream

Mr. H. may have a much bigger market, and I don't think he's awake late at night worrying about Mt. Tom's breathing down his neck, but hey third in the Valley, including Springfield, and the gazillion Friendly's restaurants, I'll take it. As for Bart's at #2, time will tell...

Thanks a lot to all who cast me your vote. Much appreciated!

And congrats to fellow biz owners for making the list: Sunrise Bakery, Tavern on the Hill, Night Owl Records, and any other local winners I haven't heard about yet.

And in the spirit of shameless self-promotion, if you're looking for a short essay contest to win a free trip to NYC, might I suggest this one.. ABCNews Best Scoop

Ok, self-inflicted pats on the back are over now, must go make ice cream. 70's weather, finally!

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