Monday, June 07, 2010

Moon Pie Ice Cream.

According to Wikipedia, A MoonPie is 'a pastry which consists of two round graham cracker cookies, with marshmallow filling in the center, dipped in chocolate (or other flavors).'

Why would I make a MoonPie flavored ice cream, you ask?

Because my cousin Wendy asked. Not only did she ask, back when I saw her in January during our little folks 5oth anniversary party week in Florida, she went so far as to ship me a box from her home in Charlston, South Carolina.

Here we are, posing in the San Francisco backlot set in Disney's Hollywood Studios...

Unfortunately, she and her family are a little far away to pop in tomorrow for a try of her fantasy flavor. The least I could do was thank her publicly and invite y'all down for a try...

In case you're wondering, it's a chocolate base with pieces of MoonPie and a marshmallow swirl.

I thought this might be the one and only batch I would make (since I wasn't familiar with MoonPies and just assumed it was a 'southern thing'), but wouldn't you know, I was in line at Rite Aid, of all places the other day when staring over my left shoulder was... Yep. A whole stack of MoonPies.

So I guess if it's a hit, I can make more without having to work an import deal with my cousin Wendy.

Thanks Wen, for the idea and the box of pies. I'd ship you some if I could...

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Kelly said...

How did everyone like the Moon Pie ice cream? It was nice of you to create something that you got a special request for! FYI, I googled Moon Pie and found your blog. I live it Taiwan and we have moon cakes here, which is nothing at all like the trademark Moon Pie. I wish you and your business well. Sounds like fun!