Monday, June 14, 2010

Easthampton's 225 years young.

As I'm sure you've heard by now, the big Easthampton 225th celebration kicks off in just a few short days. You can get all the schedule specifics HERE.

The official kickoff to the party weekend is Thurs, June 17, 2010 6:00 - 8:00 PM at the Phillips Stevens Chapel, Williston-Northampton School. Mayor Mike will deliver the welcome message and (symbolically) fire the starting gun for the weekend of fun, Easthampton 2010 style.

You can check out the schedule yourself (or pick one up here at Mt. Tom's), but let me give you the highlights here of events not to be missed...

Friday 6-8pm Family Ice Cream Social at the Easthampton Congregational Church

Saturday 10:30am The Big Parade (starts at the high school and ends at Eastworks)

Saturday 1 - 9 pm Concert at the hatch shell behind Eastworks (Millside Park). Lots of great music to be had.

Sunday 9 - 4 pm Family Day at Nonotuck Park. (Hope you'll find the Mt. Tom's booth for your free sample of a popular flavor you might remember...)

You can catch up on all the planning and hometown banter on the Easthampton 225 committee's Facebook page HERE

There's also a cool little slideshow/video created by Ken Peters on the 225 site. This one should get you in a nostalgic mood, even if you haven't lived in Easthampton for generations. Check out the video HERE.

Should be a fun week. Sounds like the hot summery weather returns just in time for it. Good thing there's ice cream to be had at every event...

A giant thanks to the 'executive committee', along with all the other volunteers and sponsors who've been working tirelessly for months to make it all happen. I hope you've got a giant cast party planned for sunday night.

Enjoy the festivities, and I hope to be a little better at blogging when things smooth out after this last round of events winds down. Of course, summer is just beginning, so I make no promises...

Happy 225th Easthampton. You're lookin' good.

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