Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March going out like a Fish?

Some serious rain going on out there right now. I'd use the word monsoon, but I'm not sure you can call it that if it's only 42 degrees. Just plain nasty out there. As you can see, Mom Nature's wrath spared no one around here - basements, riverbanks, and Easter window displays alike.

Lucky for the scoopers, it's Easter bunny-making week, so still plenty to do, despite the quiet shop on a day like today. They sell as fast as we make them, so don't wait until last minute for these solid chocolate treats. Better yet, feel free to reserve some ahead...

Speaking of chocolate, this just out. Nicely timed. Chocolate could reduce heart risk.
From the study:
They found people who had an average of six grams of chocolate per day -- or about one square of a chocolate bar -- had a 39 percent lower risk of either a heart attack or stroke. The study is scheduled to be published Wednesday in the European Heart Journal.

Don't know if straight sugar is good for the heart exactly, but these panorama eggs are still pretty cool...

What would an Easter basket be around here without a couple of our crowd favorite Chocolate-covered Marshmallow Peeps? Here they are in white...

Enjoy the rain. Rumor has it, great weather is just around the corner. In the meantime, here's some potentially useful information for today.

FYI: On account of the predicted nice weather, Mt. Tom's will be open from 3pm until 8pm on Easter Sunday.

See you soon.

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