Friday, March 05, 2010

Go Buy a Flick, or three.

Well, you've probably already heard by now through the giant broadband pipe that is the local grapevine, our buddies Liz and Tim are closing up shop for good. They gave it a great little run, and I, for one, will miss their presence on Cottage Street. Like the end of Night Owl Records a few years ago, Pick Your Flick too became a victim of technology's relentless forward progress. It's just too easy to watch a movie now, thanks to industry-changer Netflix, cable movies on-demand, and the ever-growing number of on-line options. Heck, you can watch a movie on your phone now. So who's got time to actually 'go' to a bricks-and-mortar store to rent something. As a long-time Netflix subscriber, aside from keeping Tim and Liz caffeinated and sugared up, I take my own share of blame for PYF's shuttering.

I've spoken to Tim a few times, and sure, he's disappointed and a little sad about having to end a venture that he truly was passionate about. This guy knows and loves moves, as does his super-cool wife Liz. His competitive advantage, and a primary reason to go to PYF as opposed to that other big box video store (that's also going away soon), was his impressive movie knowledge and general outgoing good nature. Walking into PYF was like going to a friend's house. 'Hey Tim, what do you think of this one? Give me an idea for a scary movie.' It was that interaction with Tim, Liz, and young Gwen that made going to PYF fun. And if you never took the time to go, I believe you missed out.

I suppose there's some long commentary to be made about the downside of technology and the internet relative to how it's making such small town, mom and pop type gathering places obsolete. I'm fairly certain the upside of the many new and exciting ways we have to communicate and do stuff, like watch movies, does outweigh the down. Who could have even imagined the idea of a blog just a few years ago. But you can't help but get a little nostalgic when you see good people fall victim to progress, and while we continue to get more connected, we become just a little less connected at the same time.

Please go down to Pick Your Flick this weekend, or next, 10-6pm, to buy yourself a couple of your favorite movies for cheap. And say thanks to Liz, Tim, and Guen for pursuing their passion, and albeit for a finite period of time, making our cozy little town just a bit more cool.

Here's the full article over at the Gazette. You may need a subscription to see though. Or just go pick up today's Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Good luck to Liz, Tim, & Gwen with whatever lies ahead. Congrats on three years of peddling movies and good cheer. Many people talk of starting their own biz, but you went ahead and did it, and for that you're a success in my book.

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