Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome back Pond, Scoop of Guinness?

Above is a shot of the Nashawannuck Pond just this morning. I took a bunch of photos of the newly dredged pond recently (just before this weeklong onslaught of winter weather arrived), and was preparing to do a little blog entry on the final chapter of the big dredge the pond project. And wouldn't you know, roving photographer, blogging extraordinaire, now exclusives videographer for Easthampton, Patrick Brough, beat me to it. And in fine fashion I must say.

So rather than reinvent the wheel, I humbly defer to Pat's entry last week over at Bay Road Photo. Some great photos, lots of interesting pond trivia, and a couple cool interviews with the experts. But before I send you over there, might I mention the recently promised Guinness Ice Cream is done and sitting comfortably in the dipping cabinet, awaiting your next visit...

Sorry about the squirrel drinking Guinness photo, couldn't be stopped.

Here's the link to Pat's great pond piece:

Dredging Project Link

Image by Patrick Brough.

The quality of my little videos is pretty average by comparison, but in the interest of logging the completed state of the dredged pond into the Diaries, here are mine...

Hope to see you soon.

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Anonymous said...

LOLOl Thanks Jim. I love the squirrel and will have to check out the Guiness soon. Pat B