Saturday, December 26, 2009

2009 Home Stretch.

A cute little 5 year old was in the other day and offered up the best 'offseason' ice cream slogan ever. Wait for it.

'It's Summer somewhere.'

With all due respect to Parrot Heads ('It's 5 o'clock somewhere'), I think I'm keeping that one.

I hope you had a great holiday and are recovering nicely on your couch right now, empty homemade cookie cups, candy cane and chocolate santa wrappers all around you, and a good movie playing on the new Blu-Ray DVD player with matching plasma TV.

In the event that your leftover holiday dessert supply runs low, you're welcome to come on down to Mt. Tom's. We've still got all your favorite flavors of ice cream, pies, and more confections than you can shake a Wii joystick at.

Oh, and your favorite scoopers are all well trained in the fine art of making a mean hot chocolate. Steamed milk, Giradelli sweet cocoa, homemade whpped cream. Dare I say, the best HC in the area. But don't take my word for it, stop by and decide for yourself.

What better time to break in that new giftcard from Santa. And stock up your freezer for January.

Here's a refresher on our scooping hours before our annual winter break:

Open Daily (including Monday) 12-8pm, 9pm on Fri & Sat.
New Years Eve 12-5pm
New Years Day CLOSED.
Sat, Sun (January 2,3) 12-9, 12-8 respectively.

WINTER BREAK: January 4-27th closed.

Thanks for making 2009 our best year ever!

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