Friday, August 14, 2009

Pond Dredging: Stink or Swim?

Well, it looks like the pond has started its exit in prep for the long-anticipated dredging out project. It could be yet another tease, but it does seem that the valves on the spillway have been opened, and the water level is slowly starting to drop.

As promised, I will keep you appraised.

The two big questions on my mind are: 1. When the pond is reduced to a babbling brook surrounded by a giant mud field, will it stink? I thought I detected that start of empty pond smell in the backyard yesterday. But then again, it could have just been the overflowing dumpster.

The second thing I wonder about the project and the touted improvements it may bring is will the old Easthampton public beach someday be brought back to life by a swimmable Nashawannuck? I think improved watercraft traffic, e.g. paddleboats, kayaks, etc., better fishing, and a neater looking pond are the reasonable expectations, but wouldn't a swimable pond be sweet. Friends that grew up in Easthampton fondly remember frolicking at the town beach.

I guess time will tell, at least on my 2nd question.

In the meantime, I'll just continue to make ice cream and hang out with my bear buddy.

Don't call 911 on me just yet. This is just me taking one hiding bear home for safe keeping at night. So if you see a guy with a Mt. Tom's Tee and ice cream on his arms, toting a power drill and a green bear under his arm at around 10pm, try to resist heckling him or calling the cops. It's just me, doing my part to keep the little bears out of harm's way from the mean streets of downtown Easthampton. Unfortunate it had to come to this, as Easthampton City Arts folks are also tasked with bringing in the bears every night, but it seems to be the only way to keep them safe.

Enjoy this coming stellar summer weekend. See you soon.

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Pat B said...

THATS MY BEAR LOLOLOL - I want to know how many fishing hooks, lures, bobbers, poles will be found in and around the tree line. Keep a look out for me on that.

Pat B