Monday, September 01, 2008

Easthampton Laundromat Gallery.

Speaking of art in unlikely places, starting today Easthampton artist San Huxley opens a show she calls, 'Sometimes Art Can Be Useful (aka when I do laundry, I am a star.). The show consists, appropriately enough, of intriguing images in the form of self-portraits shot inside, you guessed it, the Easthampton Laundromat, as well as another local l-mat, The Lost Sock.

In case you can't wait until your next laundry run, or if perhaps you're lucky enough to have your own personal washer & dryer, here's a peak...

As you can see, the Easthampton Laundromat isn't the most exciting place on earth, so I think it's actually pretty cool that she not only had the creative insight to set up a shoot in such a familiar yet typically unremarkable setting, but that she also decided to hang the show there too. All I can think of is, why didn't I think of that? And where can my camera and I wander to for my own version of 'Useful Art'. Hmmm.

Dirty laundry or not, check it out at 66 Cottage Street, just up the street from your favorite ice cream parlor.

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