Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dark Chocolate Experiment #1.

If you've been hanging around my blog for a while, you might remember a rant I wrote a while back about chocolate ice cream. Dad taught me to make mine from scratch in a big stainless double-boiler, cauldron in my ice cream kitchen laboratory.
It's the classic way, is a lot of work, and can get downright messy. You'd know what I mean if you saw one of my cocoa-covered scoopers after loading up a new batch. One of the nice benefits of this method, though, is a shop that smells like a slice of aromatic heaven in the form of a chocolate factory in full operation. What results is a distinctive but not overpowering chocolate, to quote again my friend Trace,
"There is something inscrutable and "wine-y" about it, like a complex Sumatran coffee versus an espresso roast. "

Still, I get the occasional, 'can you make something 'chocolatey'er'.

Enter chocolate ice cream potion #1 and #2. You can tell right away something's different. It just looks more chocolatey.

I made a couple batches of the 'double dark' (1) and a couple 'just dark' (2). If you've been in the shop during the past week, you might have seen them on the board. The double dark is Dark Chocolate Experiment #1 and #2 is the regular dark. Still in the chocolate tubs, albeit a bit nervous, is the chocolate 'classic'.

Both #1 and #2 have been getting strong reviews. Each has a similar chocolate taste and texture, but the double dark's chocolate kick definitely lingers longer. Not yet convinced to ditch the classic approach, but I'm pretty sure I've found a great dark chocolate recipe to add to the repertoire. I invite all you chocolate lovers to stop by and give them a try.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to your feedback.


Jen M-P said...

I will TOTALLY be in to try your chocolate experiments!!!

Ice cream is never chocolaty enough for me, and the only one that's ever met my standards is Steve Herrell's chocolate pudding, that I've adored since I was a kid. Being over 30, that's a long time to be on top. :)

Trace said...

I'm so there. Thanks for paraphrasing me so eloquently (or did I really write that?). I may have to come in and buy a mini-serving of each to compare.