Saturday, August 16, 2008

Suggestions & Images.

If you've been to the shop, you've probably noticed the little suggestion jar on the counter. As I've mentionted in the past, this magic jar has been a great source of flavor ideas and provided a wide array of 'helpful' suggestions. Most are nice & confidence reassuring. 'Love the burnt sugar.' etc. Some are silly. 'You need more candy.' Some are intriguing. 'You should have a pajama night.' You can't please everyone, and ocassionally someone doesn't like something as much as most others. For those, you just have to take it in, decide whether it's a credible criticism, and if so, fix it. If not, reread the good reviews and suggestions and wallow in those until the feeling passes. Ah, as in suggestion jars, so goes in life.

I got a great one recently, certainly good for wallowing...

'We really like your ice cream, the photos on the counter, the philosophical sayings, and the old-fashioned, simple feeling of your place. Oh, we also like your prices!'

And here's the best part, and the real reason I wanted to blog about it.

They included a poem...

An old pond,
A frog jumps in,
The sound of water.

- Emma, her mom & dad.

I thought that was pretty cool.

No frog photos (thought a gummy frog shot would ruin the zen moment.), but here are a few images from the week, now that Emma has set the mood...

Mountain View Farm in Bloom.

Monarch on a Hike.
Last night's Show.

A Common Sight this Summer.

Hope you get out and enjoy this fine weekend.
Thanks for listening.

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Anonymous said...

is that a haiku?