Monday, August 18, 2008

Good People & Flowers for the tables.

A few days ago, a man was walking on the sidewalk near the shop and took a nasty tumble onto the unforgiving concrete. Bleeding fairly profusely from a cut over his nose, he was helped up to a chair by a couple nice ice cream-goers. I didn't notice the commotion until he'd been sitting out there for a while, being comforted by a couple of women who I just assumed were family or friends.

Turns out they were just kind folk helping a guy who's day had just gotten a lot worse.

The ambulance arrived after about ten minutes, attended to the poor guy, and everyone went their own separate ways.

That was the last I'd heard of the incident, until I read the letter below, written by the grateful guy. Thought it was worth sharing, in case you didn't see it in today's Hampshire Gazette...

To the editor:
On a recent Saturday afternoon, I headed out to do some errands downtown. As an 87-year-old, I'm pretty set in my ways and routines.

Every Saturday I take my handicapped son out to shop and run errands. On this particular Saturday I needed to stop at Valley Art Supply downtown Easthampton. With downtown being so busy on Saturday these days, parking is a premium. I ended up having to park fairly far away on the same side of the street the store was on.

As I was walking, in front of Mt. Tom ice cream I tripped over my own two feet and ended up sprawling face first on the sidewalk, breaking my nose cutting my face and scraping my hands. It surprised me!

The reason I'm sharing this is to thank the three ladies sitting and enjoying their ice cream who came to my aid. I'm sure the sight of my crash surprised them too!

They helped me up and sat me down in a chair, got me a towel for my bloody nose and face and made sure I was OK. They then called the Easthampton EMTs, who were there before I knew it. They cleaned me up and wanted to know if I wanted them to take me to the hospital. I couldn't because my son was in the car and told them one of my kids could take me.

In a world where rudeness, impatience and ignorance seem to be the rule rather than the exception, people such as these shine brightly and thankfully so.

Fabian J. Korza


On a lighter note, thought I'd share a couple shots from this morning's trip to the farm for a fresh batch of flowers for the tables. I call the first 'bee breakfast buffet'.

A restocked flowerpot, one of those little touches I picked up from Mom...

See you soon.

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