Monday, June 09, 2008

Facade Fini!

I mentioned in my first post on the topic of facelifts there was still a bit left to do. The problem with finishing the job was neither my ten foot step ladder or my neighbor's twelve footer could get me high enough to reach that elusive top strip of scraggley white. Well, it just so happened this morning I needed to pay a visit to my other neighbor, the one with the garage full of electrical trucks, and what do you know, there sitting all alone and lonely was one shiny fourteen foot stepper.

I realized it was almost 90 degrees already (around 10 am), and I only had an hour or so before I need to open up shop. But I also realized the opportunity to finish the job and get it off my 'to do' list once and for all was right there within my reach. Neighbor Dan obliged me on the morning loan and even helped me carry it over to the front of my building (if you have a forteen foot step ladder, you are well aware of how heavy one can be). To make a long story short, the ladder got me where I needed to be and although it wasn't a whole lot of fun, the job got done. So without further adieu, I give you the new ice cream look of Mt. Tom's...

Thanks for listening. And thanks Dan for the final assist on the facade project.

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Anonymous said...

it looks awesome