Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dredging of the Pond back on.

Reported in today's Springfield Republican:

EASTHAMPTON - The city is moving forward with a plan to clean up Nashawannuck Pond by draining it and mechanically removing sediment, Mayor Michael A. Tautznik said yesterday.
Tautznik has authorized Baystate Environmental Consultants Inc., of East Longmeadow, to move forward with getting updated permits for the project.

The original $2.3 million plan for the cleanup of the pond called for pumping sediment from the bottom of the pond, dewatering it and trucking or piping it to city-owned land near White Brook Middle School....
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If you live in Easthampton and have followed the on-again, off-again saga that is the Nashawannuck Pond Dredging Project, reading this will probably still leave you thinking, 'I'll believe when I see something actually happen.' Our Mayor has been lobbying tirelessly trying to get this done. He knows how important the pond is to Easthampton. He often talks about boardwalks, boat rentals, and other fun and touristy things he plans to pursue on the heels of a cleaned up pond. Who knows if the beach on Water Ave will ever be bustling with frolicing kiddos in swim trunks and floaties, but it's hard to argue against a cleaner, lessy weedy pond for our fine city. Let's hope this latest approach is a winner.

I look forward to watching the big dredge in my backyard this Fall. In case you don't have such a good view, I'll do my best to track progress here with photos. Or you could just come down, grab a cone, and sit yourself down here...

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