Sunday, December 09, 2007

Winter Survival Mode.

One thing I've learned about the 'off-season' for an ice cream biz in New England is that one must be extra creative and very willing to try new things soas to avoid dipping into summer profits to pay the winter heating bill. There certainly are the much beloved die-hard ice cream customers who'll walk a mile through a blizzard for a scoop of cake batter, but reality reminds me yearly that more people than not just don't think ice cream when it's the temperature of ice cream outside.
I'm not complaining about this really. In fact, I actually enjoy the slower months. Shorter hours. Dinner at a relatively normal time. Time for hobbies and actually being able to watch a complete movie after work. I'm not tucked away in my ice cream-making cave all day and night, so I can chat more with customers, which I really enjoy. The bad news is the snow and ice doesn't stop Don the mailman from delivering me bills every week.
The candy and chocolate and coffee drinks have to step up to the plate from November to April. And as any retail biz owner knows, it's all about the holidays, with Christmas being the king of all gift-giving days. With that as a long-winded introduction, I'd like to introduce the latest creation for the coming holiday, the Mt. Tom's Cone of Hot Cocoa...

It's got our own blend of hot cocoa mix topped with mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips, peppermint candy, or sprinkles. One cone makes 2 hearty mugs of hot cocoa. Just add boiling water! Hoping for a winner on this one. If this one doesn't grab you, how about a chocolate dipped marshmallow peppermint star?

Like I said, you gotta be creative and take chances in the winter.

Got a few more ideas in pre-development, stay tuned for more wacky creations, stocking stuffers, and holiday candy novelties...


cheri said...

HI Jim,
I come to your shop weekly and I was thinking it would be great if you had some kind of pastrylike things for these cold months, at least. What do you think, too perishable?

Anyway, your tea is GREAT! And the positive feeling emanating form your place is nice, too.


Jim said...

Would love to offer pastry-like stuff, but I have a deal with Sunrise Pastry next door - me no do pastry, he no do ice cream.

Perhaps I could do something for when he's closed. Thanks for the feedback...