Thursday, December 27, 2007

Winter Break approaches.

I recently came across this photo from one of my on-line albums. It's dated January 6th, 2007. The beach is Ogunquit, Maine. The temperature, as you might guess from my barefootedness, is a balmy 72 degrees, or thereabouts. Do you remember that crazy day? Maybe you were one of the alleged many who peered through my shop window, longingly looking for a cool cone of cookie dough. I remember standing in line at the local deli in Ogunquit that day when a woman says, "Man, I wish I owned an ice cream shop today, I'd be rich!" That one gave me a twinge in my gut. It's never so much about the money, although that's always nice, as much as imagining disappointment in people's faces when they come to the shop only to find a 'closed' sign on the door. Nobody likes to disappoint. But then again, who could have predicted ice cream weather in January?

Well, if this December is any indication, I'd be really surprised to see a beach day around here this January. Although it is New England, and I suppose anything's possible.

I'm not taking any chances, though. I've booked my tickets to Florida. The shop will be locked up tight starting December 31st right through to January 23rd. Time to stock up for the three weeks I'm resting up for what I hope will be another great and fun year. Speaking of stock up, it's a buy 1, get 1 half price thru New Years Eve...

In case I don't see you, have a very happy and safe New Year. If you find yourself at the Brass Cat ball drop at midnight on NYE, especially if you're in your running gear, feel free to wander over to Mantis Graphics next door at 12:01. A gang of us will be running off on our annual NYE Midnight 5K Fun Run. We've got no official timers, so it truly is just for fun. And a cool t-shirt. At least for the first 25 who sign up. If you see us running down the street just after midnight, I hope you'll give us a cheer. Or at least a drunken heckle.

Not sure how much I'll be into posting during my break, so it may be a bit quiet here. But then again, you never know when the mood will strike me...

Happy New Year to you and yours. See you soon.

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