Friday, March 04, 2011

Random thoughts & Images

As I wait for my first Sundae Experiment victim to review our conversation and provide the ok to go to print with it, I thought I might drop in a quick ICD entry with a few random thoughts and images from the past week. It's so easy to neglect the trusty old blog, especially now with the ease and immediacy of Facebook and the Mt. Tom's fanpage over there. I understand there are a few Facebook resisters, so I do still try to check in here from time to time. And when there's a topic that takes more than a few lines to chat about, the blog is definitely the way to go.

In any event, let's see what we've got...

Above is a cool cake created by crowd favorite and future Mt. Tom's hall of famer, Mimi Henault.
Just think, a couple months ago, the above shot may have been 'pretty cool'. Now it's just another reminder of the winter that's welcome to go on its merry way any time.

In the spirit of healthier living (ok, so we'll never be a health food store per se), we're in the process of phasing out the soda and replacing it with the above. Not to worry, we'll still carry root beer for floats and those cool Mt. Tom's bottles, but you've now got some healthier beverage options.

Wang-wa, adventures in dogsitting...

Meet our newest addition to the ice cream kitchen, a shiny new hardening cabinet (the one on the left). All part of the aforementioned, Operation Get Jim a Life. I know, it just looks like a shiny freezer, but it's a pretty big deal to me..

Sure, Easter is still a month away, but the Easter bunny made an early stop here to make sure all local E-bunnies are sufficiently prepared..

And to end on a much less wintery note, the annual Smith College Bulb show kicks off tomorrow and runs through the 20th. Always a nice trailer for Spring..

Thanks & See you soon.

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